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Your Search to Learn Indian Language Online ends with Swan Tutors Online; Our Online Language Courses for Indian Languages are designed in-line with the guidelines laid by Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) for Foreigners Visiting India, and also for an Indian enthusiast to learn a language. Learning Indian Languages has seen an enormous positive surge these days, major reasons being Government of Indias Foreign Policy, FDI Initiative, Prime Ministers Direct Intervention in to core areas of business relationships with neighboring countries, Global Conferences, Sports, and Increasing Importance of Indian Ancient Literatures, Vedas, Ayurveda &Yoga.

A countable number of foreigners are visiting India every year for various purposes that are majorly categorized as the purpose of Business, Employment, Studies, Global Conferences and Business Meets. While their official meetings can be addressed with English Language, they find it difficult to communicate with the locals to meet their daily life routine. And hence, they are keen to Learn Indian Languages in English. Swan Tutors is Offering Learn Hindi through English, Learn Tamil through English, Learn Telugu in English and Learn Marathi from English Courses specially designed for the needs of foreigners.

With the increasing demand to Learn Indian Languages Online, many institutes are offering to provide Online Tutoring Services for Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati,Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi Languages.  Swan Tutors Online is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company and proudly offers Indian Language Courses Online as per the directives laid by Indian Governing Body C.I.I.L.

Learn Indian Languages Online is reformed by our Expert Live Tutors, may you be a foreigner, learner or moderately proficient our courses can make you Learn Sanskrit Online, Learn Hindi Online, Learn Telugu OnlineLearn Tamil Online, Learn Kannada Online, Learn Marathi Online.

Learning of Indian Languages is not complete with learning to speak, read and write. By opting to learn an Indian language you are making a choice to learn Indias great Civilization, Culture and Heritage. Also, you will learn about the 'Unity in Diversity' of Great Indian Cultures that vary from region to region, language to language and territory to territory. Each language majorly is  representation of a particular territory, culture and language. Language and culture are so deep rooted that learning of language without understanding of the culture is incomplete. 

At Swan Tutors Online our native tutors are trained and experienced to teach the Indian Language in the methodology that makes it easy for the learner to study language along with culture asociated to it.



Below are the standard language proficiencies as described in CIIL




Basic Level Course

At the end of BASIC LEVEL, foreign students/participants will be able to comprehend and use the language produced in predictable and controlled social and learning environments aimed at satisfying concrete needs. They will be able to describe experiences and events, give reasons and explanations for plans; write personal letters and emails and understand standard speech on daily and familiar matters. 

Intermediate Level Course

At the end of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants are able to interact with a certain degree of fluency, explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, write an essay or report, understand extended speech and lectures and present detailed descriptions. 

High Intermediate Course

At the end of the HIGH INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to interact with the native speakers, express ideas with linguistic accuracy in appropriate contexts, write about complex subject matters and understand the long and complex literary texts.

Advance Level Course

At the end of the ADVANCE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to understand and produce the language to satisfy the demands of academic and professional environments. They will be able to understand and interpret structurally complex literary and non-literary discourse. They will have excellent command of idiomatic expressions so as to communicate spontaneously, fluently and with a high degree of precision. They will maintain a high degree of linguistic accuracy. 


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Being the Online Tutoring Services Company Swan Tutors proposes specially designed courses for Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Marathi Languages , keeping in mind Standards and Syllabus established by the C.I.I.L. The courses are thoughtfully designed to enable a good learning capability that is not only dedicated on learning the language but also the Culture of the language. The courses group the most important facets to learning a language, that are Grammar, Writing, Listening, Speaking as well as the Accent. You can Learn Indian Language online with our standard courses or you could customize a Indian language course online as per your need.

We also offer for Online Foreign Language Courses to Learn German Online  Learn French OnlineLearn Spanish OnlineLearn Mandarin Chinese OnlineLearn Japanese OnlineLearn Italian Language.


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