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AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a prominent cloud computing service powered by Amazon. It delivers you easy ways to deal with vast amounts of data and to provide hardware, software and storage solutions through internet. Learn AWS Online with Swan Tutors Industry Real Time Experts who can make train you to be job ready.

A career in Cloud Computing is rather in demand these days as IT experts are realizing that there are a great approaching and leeway of growth in the market with this upcoming technology. This large-scale advancement in cloud is an incredible opportunity for aspirants who can prove their knowledge with renowned Cloud AWS certification. Swan Tutors Online Offers amazon web services online training, web services online training that can get you certified.

Swan Tutors Online is the best cloud computing AWS Online Training service provider in India that can cater the job needs of all the aspirants. Our Learn AWS OnlineAWS Online Training  and cloud computing courses online  fee is reasonable and tailor-made based on training requirement. Our team of experts will make you confident and comfortable in cracking interviews.

AWS Online Training Highlights:

  • Job oriented training with real time case studies
  • Course module as per the industry necessity.
  • Subject explanation through the real time scenarios
  • Free Demo Session from Industry Experts
  • Online Training with Backup Classes
  • Certification in AWS CLOUD COMPUTING
  • Resume preparation guidance and Mock interviews
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) With Real Time

AWS Online Training Course Content is as detailed below

AWS Services

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)


Different instance types

Basics of Route53

Volumes &Snapshots

Routing policies

Root Device Volumes Vs Instance Store

Simple routing policy, weighted routing policy

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Latency routing policy, failover routing policy

Elastic IPs (EIP)

Geolocation Routing Policy

Key pairs

Aliasing records

Security Groups


IAM Roles with EC2

Relation Database Services on AWS

Bootstrap scripts

Creating an RDS instance

Elastic Load Balancer

Backing up and restoring RD

EC2 instance Metadata

ARD and Multi-AZ failover

Lambda & EFS

Multi-AZ and Read Replicas

AWS CLI using credentials

DynmoDB, Redshift & Aurora

AWS CLI using IAM roles




Simple Notification Services (SNS)

Launch Configuration

Creating a SNS Topic

Creating Autoscaling



Notification & Applications

Identity Access Management (IAM)


AWS root user permissions

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Users / groups

VPC overview


Default VPC vs Custom VPC


Subnets / route tables / Internet Gateway

MFA authentication

Network ACL

Modifying and deleting users / groups /roles

Security group vs Network ACL


NAT instance creation

Simple Storage Service (AWS S3)

NAT Gateway creation

Bucket and Objects

Creating instances under VPC

Create a static website in S3

VPC Flow logs

Cross Region Replication



Cloud Formation


Introduction to Cloud Formation

Security and Encryption

Using Cloud Formation

S3 Transfer Acceleration


Creating a CDN / Cloud Front

Cloud Watch


Alarms, Events and  Metrics


Monitoring AWS services


Creating a dashboard

Origin / Edge Location

Customer metrics

Web Distribution

Cost optimization, Billing and Alerts



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Amazon Web Services



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