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The GRE General Test is a standardised test that is recognized for admission to various disciplines at many graduate and business schools across the globe. Aspirants interested in pursuing a higher education, especially Master's degree, specialised Master's course, MBA or a PhD degree can appear for the GRE. It is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a US-based organisation. Our GRE Preparation Online Courses are in standards of ETS that empower your positive test result.

GRE is conducted in two modes; computer-based and paper-based formats. In addition to the GRE general test, there are seven GRE subject tests that evaluate candidates knowledge in their respective fields.

The GRE Test is available at over 1000 test centres in more than 160 countries. It covers three major sections- Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. While Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning are scored on a scale of 130 - 170, analytical writing is scored on a scale of 0 - 6. In GRE Online Coaching, candidates can know all about GRE such as dates, eligibility, registration, pattern, syllabus, fee structure and result. and attend GRE Classes Online.


Aspirants can apply for the GRE irrespective of age and qualification, as there is no specific GRE eligibility criteria. The candidates, however, have to fulfill the admission criteria for the institutes/ universities they are applying. Avail a free overseas education counselling with our GRE Preparation Online Course.

As GRE score is used for admission to postgraduate programmes, students who have completed their undergraduate studies should opt for the examination. GRE score is used for entry to Masters or PhD courses abroad, specifically in universities in US and Canada. Universities in a number of European and Asian countries have also started accepting GRE scores for a variety of Graduate programmes.

However, aspirants should keep this in mind that it is not the country but the university which requires GRE score.

GRE Eligibility Criteria



Test type

GRE General (Aptitude) GRE Subject (Subjective)

GRE eligibility criteria

No specific eligibility criteria to pursue postgraduate programmes

Test sections

Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing

Test duration

3 hours 45 minutes

GRE score

130-170( per section) Analytical writing: 1-6


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