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Marathi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken predominantly by the Marathi people of Maharashtra, India. It is the official language and co-official language in the Maharashtra and Goa states of Western.

Native speakers: 73 million

Language family: Indo-European languages

Dialects: Varhadi dialect, Agri

Regulated by: Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad

Writing system: Devanagari, Modi script, Balbodh, Marathi Braille

Native to: India, Regions: Maharashtra, Goa, Mumbai, and Other Parts Of India.

Marathi is one of the most commonly spoken languages in India, mostly in the western and central areas. Learning Marathi is far far easier than learning any other Indian regional language. You already know 80% of Marathi if you know Hindi.

Like all Indian languages, Marathi, has a tremendous well of spirituality running through the language, especially seen in the devotional poetry of the abhang, bhajan and ovi. Language and culture are highly intertwined, and learning the language is key to understanding this beautiful spirituality.

Reasons for Learning Marathi Language Online with Swan Tutors

It will allow learner to communicate with Maharashtrians and in local markets.

Generally Non-Maharashtrians who know Marathi achieve more success in their Businesses in Maharashtra, than those who dont know Marathi. It is a general site in Maharashtra that local shops owned by Gujaratis attract more customers than a shop run by an North Indian

Marathi and Hindi both have a good amount of Sanskrit loan words making job easier for a Hindi Speaker.

Marathi is an ancient language with a history of around 2000 years.

All government offices in Maharashtra use Marathi for official purpose - not knowing it, Is a risk !! . You will need Marathi to perform even a simplest task like reading your electricity bill.

You will be able to appreciate the best of literature/cinema/plays in Marathi language, which is also considered one of the best in India.

Below are Marathi Language Online Courses Offered by us




Level 1

This section teaches all the letters of Marathi step by step. It includes lessons on how to write, how to pronounce, how to frame words, and how to combine the words with precision. The exercises of the lessons are interactive and self-instructive.

Level 2

This section has graded structured lessons in the form of conversations, development of listening and speaking skills in Marathi and appropriate instructions on grammatical usage. These language learning components will be achieved through systematic introduction of various Marathi structures and interactive exercises

Level 3

These lessons provide a broad introduction to the cultural space of Marathi and Maharashtra, Goa. It is an opening part of the course which gives an overall idea about Maharashtra, its culture, history, literature, art and life.

Level 4

This last section of Marathi Online has many articles on various topics such as Maratha life, culture, history, literature and many more.

Level 5

You can start writing classes any point of time.

Custom Course

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