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Hindi, or Modern Standard Hindi is a standardised and sanskritised register of the Hindustani language. Modern Hindi and its literary tradition evolved towards the end of the 18th century.

Native speakers: 260 million

Language family: Indo-European languages, Indo-Aryan languages, Indo-Iranian languages

Writing system: Devanagari, Devanagari Braille

Native to: India

Most people choose to study foreign languages because learning a certain language will benefit them in some way. While it's true that any language learning will challenge your mind and expand your horizons, some languages offer more benefits than others. Hindi is one such language.

Reasons to Learn Hindi:

You’ll Be Able to Have a Conversation with Half a Billion New Friends

Moving to India for work purposes

Additional Professional Opportunities

Be Able to Enjoy Bollywood Films

Hindi is used in a lot of meditative chants

Most articles on language learning focus on studying for the purposes of self-improvement, career development.

Whatever could be your reason to learn Hindi language, at Swan Tutors online you will find the most customized and tailor made course offerings to learn Hindi language online.

Like for the most of Foreign Languages and European languages the way language proficiency and testing standards are prescribed and governed by CEFR, For Learning Hindi Language the proficiency and testing are governed by CIIL - Central Institute of Indian Languages.

And, all our courses detailed below are in line with the guidelines prescribed by C.I.I.L




Basic Level Course

At the end of BASIC LEVEL, foreign students/participants will be able to comprehend and use the language produced in predictable and controlled social and learning environments aimed at satisfying concrete needs. They will be able to describe experiences and events, give reasons and explanations for plans; write personal letters and emails and understand standard speech on daily and familiar matters.

Intermediate Level Course

At the end of INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants are able to interact with a certain degree of fluency, explain a viewpoint on a topical issue, write an essay or report, understand extended speech and lectures and present detailed descriptions.

High Intermediate Course

At the end of the HIGH INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to interact with the native speakers, express ideas with linguistic accuracy in appropriate contexts, write about complex subject matters and understand the long and complex literary texts.

Advance Level Course

At the end of the ADVANCE LEVEL, students/participants should be able to understand and produce the language to satisfy the demands of academic and professional environments. They will be able to understand and interpret structurally complex literary and non-literary discourse. They will have excellent command of idiomatic expressions so as to communicate spontaneously, fluently and with a high degree of precision. They will maintain a high degree of linguistic accuracy.

Writing Course

You can start writing classes any point of time. 

Custom Course

Please Contact Our Counsellor to Customize a Course as per your requirement


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