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French is a Romance language of the Indo-European people. It descended from the Unrefined Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. French has evolved from Gallo-Romance, the spoken Latin in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul.

Native speakers: 76 million speakers (2012); An estimated 274 million French speakers (L1 plus L2:2014)

Native to: French-speaking Europe; Now worldwide; (see geographical distribution below)

Language family: Romance languages

Writing systems: Latin script (French orthography), French Braille

French is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. The grammar and sentence structure are different from English, but simpler. Because both languages have Latin roots, they also share thousands of cognates words that sound the same and have the same meanings.

Not only is French relatively easy to pick up and start speaking, understanding it gives you a huge head-start to understanding other Romance languages like Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Having a little French in your conversational repertoire will open up the world to you on multiple levels for Business, Travelling, Living Abroad, and Brain Training.

A person who wishes to travel to France with the standpoint of a job, vacation travel or business trip, should know the basic minimum amount of French, learning French is an added advantage if migrating to Canada is on your mind, as it will raise more points on the Express Entry System recently launched by the Canadian Government.

With Swan Tutors, you can learn French language online without going to classes physically. For an affordable cost you have access to real time online French tutors who teach French courses that get you speaking right from the first lesson, and Online Interactions will help you improve your pronunciation.

Swan Tutors French Language Online Courses are based on the prescribed guidelines laid by CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and enable Learners to meet the required proficiency.




Level A1: Beginer

Can recognize and use familiar words and simple phrases for concrete purposes. Can introduce himself or someone else. Can ask and answer basic questions about home, family, surroundings, etc. Can communicate in a basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly, and is ready to repeat or reformulate to help communication.

Level A2: Elementary

Can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance (like personal or family information, shopping, immediate environment, work). Can communicate during easy or habitual tasks requiring a basic and direct information exchange on familiar subjects. Using simple words can describe his or her surroundings and communicate immediate needs.

Level B1: Intermediate

Can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar subjects in work, school, leisure activities, etc. Can manage in most situations that come up when travelling in a region where the language is spoken. Can produce a simple and cohesive text on familiar subjects or subjects of personal interest. Can narrate an event, an experience or a dream; describe a desire or goal, and outline reasons or explanations behind a project or idea.

Level B2: Upper Intermediate

Can understand the main ideas of concrete or abstract topics in a complex text, including a technical article in the user’s area of expertise. Can communicate with a degree of spontaneity and fluency during a conversation with a native speaker, in a way that is comfortable for everyone. Can speak in a clear, detailed way on a number of subjects; express an opinion on current affairs, giving the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

Level C1: Advanced

Can understand a wide range of long and complex texts, including any sub textual or stylistic nuances. Can express him or herself freely and fluidly, without obviously fumbling for words. Can use the language effectively and fluently in a social, professional or academic context. Can speak in a clear, organized way about complex subjects, developing a well-structured argument.

Level C2: Master OR Proficient

Can effortlessly understand almost everything he or she reads or hears. Capable of a coherent summary of events or arguments from oral or written sources. Can express him or herself precisely in a spontaneous, fluent way, conveying finer shades of meaning precisely.


Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF)

Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF)

Test d'évaluation du français

Test de français international

Test de connaissance du français

The European Language Certificates (TELC)



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