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B Tech CIVIL Subjects

B Arch Subjects

Engineering Mechanics

Introduction to Architecture & Basic Design

Strength Of Materials 1

Architectural Drawing & Graphics

Surveying 1

Building Materials

Fluid Mechanics

Building Construction

Building Materials and Construction

History Of Culture and Architecture

Strength Of Materials 2

Engineering Mechanics

Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machinery

Surveying & Site Studies

Environmental Science

Architectural Design - I

Structural Analysis 1

History Of Architecture

Surveying 2

Strength Of Materials

Design & Drawing Of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering

Structural Analysis 2

History Of Architecture

Geotechnical Engineering 1

Design Of RCC Structures

Environmental Engineering

Specifications, Estimating and Costing

Estimation, Costing and Valuation

Landscape Design and Site Planning

Transportation Engineering 1

Design Of Steel Structure

Geotechnical Engineering 2

Development Of Contemporary Architecture

Transportation Engineering 2

Working Drawings

Construction Technology & Project Management

Human Settlements

Advanced Structural Engineering

Building Acoustics

Remote Sensing & GIS

Town Planning


Building Economics and Sociology

Design Thesis Guidance